The Wellness Centre at Salmon Arm Secondary is a school based clinic offering comprehensive health care to high school students in the community of Salmon Arm. Services currently offered include a physician, addictions counsellor, mental health counsellor, sexual health nurse, trauma counsellor, LGBTQ2S support worker, public health nurse, group counselling, therapy dogs, sessions on mindfulness, and peer support.

Options For Sexual Health with Lelaine Pukas
is centred around a mission of education, open conversations and informed decision making. They offer confidential, non-judgemental sexual health care, including birth control counselling, low cost contraceptives, sti testing and pregnancy testing. Services are LGBTQ2S+ friendly.

Public Health with Erin Taylor and Kerrie Hollatz
A Drop in clinic where students can get information on immunizations, healthy ways to deal with stress, smoking cessation, healthy eating and more.

Doctor Rich Currie and Doctor Liz Willms with Mental Health and Substance Use Counsellor Terrie Rousselle, with Mental Health Support from Chris Johnson, Denise Butler, Shannon Hecker, Colleen Making and Cappi Bowers.

We have a fully equipped medical clinic (there are no drugs in the Centre) which functions like a walk-in medical clinic. Students can come to the Wellness Centre even if they already have a doctor, in order to have quicker access to medical care.

The multidisciplinary and collaborative nature of the Wellness Centre lends itself well to the management of complex needs.  Service providers can refer students directly to colleagues with additional or complementary expertise, often facilitating same day follow-up.  Challenging cases can receive clinical care from a physician, an addictions counselor, and a trauma counselor all under the same roof, and often in the same day.  

There is a Mental Health and/or Substance Use Counsellor or support person available on the days when the doctor is in  – drop-in or make an appointment.

SAFE Society PEACE Program with Colleen Making
The Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Counselling and Empowerment (PEACE) Program for Children and Youth Experiencing Violence – private counselling as well as once a month Pizza Talks, free to all students and the topic is the various aspects of ‘Healthy Relationships’.
SAFE Society Drop-in (trauma-informed) Yoga
Two Fridays a month at noon in the Wellness Centre – October 11, November 1, 15, 29, December 13, 2019. Complete 4 sessions and get a $20 Tim Hortons gift card.

5 Minutes of Mindfulness
CMHA Shuswap-Revelstoke with Denise Butler or Shannon Hecker. Twice a month at noon on Wednesdays when Dr. Willms is in.