Young people often don’t seek out health care providers when they have health concerns. They may lack transportation, fear social stigma, worry about bumping into someone they know, or worry that a doctor may reveal things to their parents. They often lack the understanding and awareness to navigate our health care system and disengage when they find it too confusing. The SAS Sullivan Wellness Centre helps overcome these barriers.  Students from Jackson, Sullivan as well as Teen House are welcome to use the services of the Wellness Centre. With special permission and accompanied by a parent or school staff member, students from another school in the District are able to book appointments.

Students and staff can drop-in to the Wellness Centre whenever it’s open to make an appointment (click here for this month’s schedule)

Or anyone is welcome to phone/text 250-833-6100 or email for an appointment.

NOTE: For your initial appointment, you will be required to provide your PHN (Personal Health Number on your Care Card), your date of birth and your legal name.  All services in the Wellness Centre are free of cost. Doctor appointments are billed through the Medical Services Plan. 

Please note that medical emergencies may occur that require our doctor’s immediate attention or the doctor may be even called away from the clinic requiring the clinic to close. Although rare, we do our best to find a replacement but closing is always a possibility